Swing is a unique window system solution as it allows the sash to turn 180° for efficient cleaning and maintenance.

The design of Swing is a one frame model of a reversible window with a width of 95 mm. The triple insulated glazing unit is installed in the sash with Low-e glass and the distance frame Super Spacer.

Swing window has a safety lock which ensures safe ventilation.

It can be produced as one and two- sash window, without a fixed centre mullion.

  The window sash moves vertically into all positions, including fully reversed.

Glazing Triple glazed insulating unit 4i-12ss-4-12ss-4
U-value When using triple glazed unit with energy saving glass, Super Spacer and inert gas: U= 1,0 W/м²k
Sound Insulation Ra = 32 dB
Materials Oak, Northern Pine, composite

Compatible glazed units: