Tilt & Turn double sash

Tilt & Turn double sash


Tilt and Turn Green House window, opening inward, has one of the most advanced closing mechanisms represented on the modern market.

With the help of secure handle you control all the blocking points of the lock.

Turn the handle only one time, so you can open the window for safe ventilation, turn the handle one more time and the window will open to the full 90 degrees, so you can safely wash and maintain window while being indoor.

The Tilt and Turn Green House window with one handle is absolutely safe for children

Glazing Double glazed insulating unit 4i-12ss-4 in the inner sash and 4 mm glass in the outer sash.
U-value While using energy-saving glass and Super Spacer with inert gas:
MSEGX-90 U=1,0W/м²
MSEG-90 U = 1,2 W/м²
Sound Insulation Ra = 35 dB
Materials Oak, Northern Pine, composite, aluminium- clad

Windows can be additionally equipped with:

  • Ventilation valve
  • Mechanism of remote opening GEZE
  • Mosquito nets
  • Anti-vandal, bullet- and fireproof glass, sunscreen glass of different colours.

Compatible glazed units: