The entrance single-door or double-door Front door made of solid wood is designed in accordance with all the requirements for margined flush doors.

The structure is a casing consisting of stiles and rails, on which a shield plate is installed on both sides, glued from solid or fingerjoint ​​lamellas 20 mm thick. The box frame and casing are made of vertically joined by tenon joint glued laminated timber of our own production. The threshold is made of oak and covered with polyurethane-based varnish for additional protection of wood from mechanical impact. When closed, the door is tightly against the box frame seal, protecting the room from environmental influences, and the use of the shield as a cover significantly increases the burglar resistance class.

At the request of the customer, the Front door can be equipped with a double-glazed unit, up to 24 mm wide, with the use of various types of glass(triplex,armored, fireproof, sunscreen).

Advantage of wooden Front door over metal:

  • providing sufficient thermal insulation, durability and excellent appearance;

  • no freezing of the door even in the most difficult weather conditions and no frost formation on the surface of the door leaf;

  • entrance wooden doors made of solid wood harmoniously blend into a complete composition with any design features;

  • the installation of a door made of high-quality processed wood is a guarantee of a long-term service life of the product over 25 years;

  • good sound insulation — even when installed in a house located near a busy highway, extraneous noise will not penetrate into the home.

In accordance with your design decision, during production of decorative elements for the door leaf, we perform relief work (engraving) on a CNC milling machine and wood carving in 3D in.

Glazing 4e-12-4, 6-12-6 IGU
Dimensions Height max 2500, Width min 600 max 1000, Box frame depth min 80 max 120
Termal transmittance U = 1,0 W/м²K ( IGU with Low-e glass, Super Spacer & inert gas)
Airborne sound reduction Ra = 35 dB
Timber materials Oak, Northern pine
Hardware Original hardware from Finnish manufacturerAbloy.

Compatible glazed units: