Swing window is a Norwegian window with a 180 degree rotation of the sash in the vertical plane. The window, which is unique in its technical solution, is equipped with hidden high-tech hardware allows the sash to rotate around its axis without disturbing the order on the windowsill: flowers in pots and curtains remain in place.

A special mechanism and a stop-lock make it easy to open and safely ventilate the room, even with small children in the house.

Swing windows have an undeniable advantage in poor weather conditions: under the pressure of the wind, the window sash is pressed more tightly against the frame.

The design is a single-frame model of a reversible window with a width of 95 mm. The triple glazed unit is installed in the sash with E-glass and the distance frame Super Spacer.

Swing is fitted with original hardware of the Norwegian company Spilka .

  The window sash moves around its axis in the vertical plane.

Glazing Triple glazed unit 4i-12ss-4-12ss-4
U-value When using triple glazed unit with energy saving glass, Super Spacer and inert gas: U= 1,0 W/м²k
Sound Insulation Ra = 32 dB
Materials Oak, Northern Pine, composite

Compatible glazed units: