The Tango door - sliding door system is designed on the same principle as the windows that open outwards. When the door is closed, it is tightly against the box frame and seal, which allows you to protect the room from drafts, wind and rain as much as possible, and also provides security from external penetration.

The Tango door slides safely and securely on the lower rollers along the rail, making it easy to open and close, even if the door is very large. When the handle is lowered, the door slides outward from the box frame.

The doors are easy to use. Aluminum cladding panels require almost no maintenance and care.

 Sliding construction

Glazing Double glazed insulating unit 6i-12ss-6
U-value When using double glazed unit with energy saving glass, Super Spacer and inert gas: U= 1,0 W/м²k
Sound Insulation Ra = 35 dB
Materials Oak, Northern Pine, aluminium-clad

Compatible glazed units: