Tilt & Turn double sash

Tilt & Turn double sash


Tilt & Turn double-frame window with twin sashes with a frame width of 90mm. A double-glazed unit with energy-saving glass and a Super Spacer frame is installed in the inner sash , and a 4mm glass is installed in the outer sash. The use of triplex glass in the outer sash makes the window anti-burglar, at the same time, increases the sound insulation characteristics. A glass unit with ES glass and argon in the inner sash will make the window warmer. These additional options are set at the request of the client. It is also possible to install horizontal blinds of various colors and shades between frames space with an external control mechanism.

Tilt & Turn double-frame window is equipped with Maco hardware - the world leader in the production of the most reliable and safe window-locking systems. Using just one handle and 5 locking points, the window can be easily used both for ventilation the room and for simple opening.The use of such hardware guarantees reliability and protection from accidents and operation comfort.

Glazing Double glazed insulating unit 4i-12ss-4 in the inner sash and 4 mm glass in the outer sash.
U-value While using energy-saving glass and Super Spacer with inert gas:
MSEGX-90 U=1,0W/м²
MSEG-90 U = 1,2 W/м²
Sound Insulation Ra = 35 dB
Materials Oak, Northern Pine, composite, aluminium- clad

Windows can be additionally equipped with:

  • Ventilation valve
  • Mechanism of remote opening GEZE
  • Mosquito nets
  • Anti-vandal, bullet- and fireproof glass, sunscreen glass of different colours.

Compatible glazed units: