Premium class Phand-maderoduction of wooden windows of  quality

In strict compliance with modern European standards

Production of wooden and wood-aluminium windows.

GREEN HOUSE Ltd. produces window systems in strict compliance with modern world standards from the best wood of Northern pine and Southern oak. If there is a place for an environmentally friendly, warm, functional and durable window - this information is for you.

Green House's windows

In terms of durability, equipment and aesthetic appeal, Green House windows surpass its counterparts available on the market today.

Green House's high-quality wooden window dampens street noise and maintains a stable indoor climate. The window, equipped with Life Glass Clear selective glasses, reflects heat inside the room, so you save electricity and maintain an optimal level of humidity.

Wee use aluminum profile for wood-aluminum systems which is made according to own matrices using electrostatic coating. This design protects the wooden frame from the weather conditions, protecting and extending the service life of the window for many years. The windows are equipped with Finnish turn-only (Primo), Austrian tilt and turn (MACO) and Norwegian 180 reversible (Spilka) hardware. 

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Super Spacer system

  • Shockproof characteristics
  • Increased sound insulation (difference is 2 dB)
  • Lower values of the thermal conductivity coefficient
  • Excellent appearance