Decorative glazing bead

Декоративный оконный переплет

Decorative glazing bead

Decorative glazing bars are items that have been used since time immemorial by the
architects to decorate and strengthen construction of windows. Such details give
windows a special expressiveness and make them unique.
Mortise glazing bars
The mortise glazing bars is intended for decoration of the window and give the structure additional strength. Such elements physically divide the glazing unit into smaller parts. Mortise glazing bars is made of the same material as window frame. Mortise glazing bars is used in the manufacture of large windows to reduce the area of ​​the light opening. This technique allows to perform technological limitations associated with the size of the glass and to strengthen the opening sash. It looks aesthetically attractive, decorates the facade of the building and harmoniously integrated into the interior.

The dimensions of the Green House mortise glazing bars are 92mm and 42mm, wooden. Any color solution in accordance with the selected color of the window.

Integral glazing bars

The integral glazing bars are a variant of the decorative glazing bead, which is intended for optical division of a large-sized window into small segments. Aluminum bars spread inside the glazing unit according to a given pattern, which can be either simple geometric or more complex. Integral glazing bar is made of aluminum.

The width of the Green House integral glazing bars is 28mm and 32mm.

The standard colors : white, brown.

There is also a thinner and elegant width of only 8mm in gold execution, the so-called "Venetian integral glazing bar ". This decoration will give your window a subtlety and sophistication of the classical style.