Low-e glass

Энергосберегающее стекло (И-стекло)

Low-e glass

The technology of production Low-e glasses: the thinnest metal-oxide coating is applied to glass by high-pressure sputtering.The pressure ensures the uniformity of metal distribution over the glass and ensures its "sticking" to the surface.

Characteristics of Low-emissivity glasses:

    Low-e glass has excellent energy-saving properties. Due to the fact that the reflection range begins with rays whose wavelength is less than 1600 nm, the sputtered glass successfully reflects the infrared rays and partly the ultraviolet.
      The coefficient of thermal resistance of a high-quality Low-e glass reaches 1.0. Recall that the coefficient of thermal resistance in ordinary glass is about 0.4: which means that low-emission glass is much more "warm".

    The service life of the glass is not limited with appropriate protection.